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Levitra is one of three major solutions for erectile dysfunction (ED). There isn’t a cure for this problem, but Levitra is an effective temporary remedy that restores the full sexual potential in an individual. Besides Levitra, aka Vardenafil, there are also Viagra and Cialis, which work similarly but nonetheless with unique differences.

Levitra is overall a good choice. It’s less widespread compared to Viagra, but it has several advantages that Viagra doesn’t possess. Due to its comparable scarcity, Viagra is usually a more common choice. If available, however, Vardenafil offers a better experience for whoever takes it.

History of Vardenafil

Levitra is the brand name of the Vardenafil compound, which was introduced by the Bayer Company in 2003. By then, Viagra (or Sildenafil) have already been in mass use. Bayer was trying to create a marketable alternative to Viagra that would be as effective but with a unique touch that made it more advantageous.

It culminated in the introduction of Vardenafil about a decade after Sildenafil was first sold. The former brings several unique qualities that make this solution worth checking out. Affordability, food tolerance, and a decreased amount of side effects are among the most prominent benefits.

Vardenafil is ultimately related to Sildenafil. These solutions are both PDE5 inhibition compounds, similar in application and nature. They don’t increase one’s libido or sexual prowess in and of itself. Rather, they eliminate the causes of erectile dysfunction for a few hours, making a person fully potent again (until the effects fade away).

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a serious condition, despite having a few apparently harmful symptoms. The main manifestation of this health issue is, as the name suggests, the inability to have a normal erection. However, there are additional problems, in particular, related to one’s mental well-being.

The ED can have various reasons. Although most common among older men, it’s not restricted to just this demographic group. People of all ages are technically susceptible to this condition, although the likelihood grows stronger the older a person becomes. Women, meanwhile, are less likely to contract ED, but it’s still very possible.

Whatever the cause, the actual reason behind the impotency is usually the overpopulation of PDE5 proteins within the genital area. These enzymes are found in blood vessels, which normally act to regulate muscle relaxation. ED is caused by the overabundance or overstimulation of these enzymes, making genitals overly relaxed.

In itself, it has few dire consequences for one’s health, but a prolonged failure to address this problem can be a likely cause of anxiety, insecurity, and depression. These mental health issues are consequently great at cultivating further physical problems, making erectile dysfunction a potentially serious condition.


Levitra is a temporary solution, like any other modern remedy for erectile dysfunction. It doesn’t have any accumulating effect, but Levitra is instead taken piecemeal and when necessary. You usually take it 30 minutes before the expected sexual intercourse, and it will typically last 6 hours.

Vardenafil acts by targeting the same PDE5 proteins that cause dysfunction in the first place. The compound inhibits their behavior, making it less intense for a few hours. This allows patients to have a normal erection once more, although it doesn’t necessarily improve their sexual prowess compared to the pre-ED quality.

The usual dose for Levitra is 10-20mg. It’s not taken more than once a day, but there isn’t really a reason to take it on a daily schedule. There are no lasting effects past the several hours of effectiveness observed after the drug is taken. Depending on personal parameters, the effective duration of Vardenafil can be within 4 to 8 hours.

It’s longer than the usual duration of Viagra, an average of 4 hours. Another major difference between this medicine and Sildenafil is its higher tolerance for food. Levitra can be taken with food freely. The effectiveness of Viagra, by comparison, is vastly decreased if taken with meals. This alone increases the comfort of using Levitra a lot.

Side Effects of Generic Levitra

ED drugs don’t have any particularly harmful side effects, but there are common adverse effects. However, Levitra is even safer in this regard compared to Viagra. The biggest such effects are flushing, headaches, and some light nasal problems. Vision and hearing problems are also encountered, but much rarer.

One of the benefits of Levitra is that these problems aren’t as intense as Viagra’s. Moreover, the latter has some adverse effects that the former simply doesn’t. Lastly, while the side effects encountered with Sildenafil are scarce (only about 1% ever experience them), they are even more unlikely with Levitra.


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