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Welcome to Canadian pharmacy, your reliable online resource for affordable drugs. As a leading pharmacy servicing U.S. customers, Innocrin bridges the gap between American residents and their need for more affordable prescription drugs. Through our extensive network of licensed pharmacies, including Canadian locations approved to fill U.S. prescriptions, we offer huge savings on popular medications.

Security and reliability are at the core of our operations. Every order is encrypted with SSL technology, and we adhere to stringent verification processes to prevent fraud and protect your personal information. Understanding the financial pressures many Americans face with rising drug costs, Innocrin presents a viable solution. Not only do we offer low base prices, but additional savings are achievable through our exclusive coupons. For those without insurance or facing high copays and deductibles, Innocrin pharmacy is your gateway to obtaining necessary medications without overextending your budget.

Our Objective

It’s distressing to see underprivileged populations in the USA struggling with illnesses that are entirely treatable with affordable medications. For instance, a drug like Albendazole, typically prescribed for parasitic infections, can cost up to $500 per course, making it unattainable for many who desperately need it. An objective of Innocrin Canadian pharmacy is not only to significantly reduce the cost of drugs like Albendazole, Flagyl Generic, Cialis, Amoxicillin, and Viagra, but also to introduce pricing transparency, so customers can be confident they’re receiving a fair deal.

Unparalleled Pricing Transparency and Affordability at Canadian Pharmacy

Our pricing model is straightforward and transparent: our cost plus a 15% markup, plus any pharmacy fees. For example, our cost for Albendazole is $26.08 per course. After adding the 15% markup to cover operational costs and investments in disrupting the drug pricing for as many medications as possible, the base price becomes $30. We then add the actual cost of $3.00 that our pharmacy partners charge to prepare and provide your prescription. This results in a final price of $33, significantly lower than what’s available in the market. All our products follow this pricing structure, ensuring complete transparency.

As We Grow, You Save

As Canadian drugstore grows and our costs decrease, we’re dedicated to passing those savings on to you, our valued customer. By supporting our service, you’re actively participating in the movement to disrupt the pharmaceutical industry and put an end to excessive drug prices.

Thank you for your support, and please share your thoughts and feedback with us!