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We discover and develop novel, "best-in-class" inhibitors of CYP17, a validated metalloenzyme involved in prostate cancer.

Our Pipeline

Our Pipeline

Innocrin Pipeline

CYP17 Lyase Inhibitors

Seviteronel (VT-464) and the broad collection of multiple patented chemical classes of CYP17 lyase inhibitors that were invented by scientists at Viamet Pharmaceuticals are wholly owned by Innocrin. Innocrin has identified high priority leads that have high CYP17 lyase potency and selectivity. It is Innocrin’s intent to leverage its organizational expertise to advance one or more of these 2nd-generation leads into clinical development.

In addition to their potential use for the treatment of breast cancer and CRPC, CYP17 lyase inhibitors also have potential for the treatment of other cancers driven by the AR including ovarian, bladder, hepatocellular, and lung. CYP17 lyase-selective inhibitors may also have commercial potential for the treatment of non-oncologic syndromes that are due to excess androgen production. These conditions include endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, and precocious puberty, among others. Safety and convenience are important attributes of our product candidates.